De la crainte à la liberté
  • De la crainte à la liberté

De la crainte à la liberté

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Stories of Triumph after Leaving a High-Control Religion

By Jack Grey and 16 other authors.

Language: Français
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“Where are we going to go? Show me something better out there? If this is not The Truth than what is?”

Millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims etc. ask themselves these questions wondering what will happen to them if they walk away from their faith. Just the thought of questioning doctrines or integrity of it’s leaders create enormous amount of fear. The consequences of questioning can be very severe. After all they themselves have The Truth and all outside world belongs to Satan. They can lose salvation and they can end up dying at Armageddon or being tortured in hell for eternity, depending on their beliefs. If that was not scary enough just questioning and coming with different understanding can lead to being called an Apostate and as a consequence they will be shunned from everyone they ever loved. Many who grew up in such controlling environment end up facing traumatic psychological challenges after leaving. How can they start their new life? Can they find something better? How can they conquer the fear that holds them captive? This book is an answer to those questions. Stories in this book are a living prove that there is something better. Much, much better. Something that can only be understood after experiencing it. What is it? Answers are inside this book.

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Crainte Liberté - intro

Read the introduction to the book and learn more about the various authors.

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